Thursday, September 5, 2013

I usually hate first days. especially that involves something new such as first time getting into matricullation, first year as degree student.
sebab ape? 

new environment. Huge adjustments and adaptations to the new environments. Making friends which is also hard. and yeah. worst of all. homesick. it is so worst that even mase kerja part time kat parkson dulu. first day is only for 4 hours basically standing like a tiang lampu until closing time (mase tu shift malam), I missed my mom and home. leulz.

So. my point is. regarding my thoughts about how hard is it to face new experience and to be a first year student, I never thought final year is WAY hard. Sebab ingatkan dah final year, you've got your friends around. you already familiar with how things goes, and comfortable, it will be a hell of an easy times. good time.

bitch please.
It's a freaking nightmare. 

shitloads of big decisions to be made. works to be done yet you still clueless how to manage all that. Preparation for the new era which is your next step. master or perhaps just a decent job. Grown up stuff meanwhile deep inside, you are just a scared little kid. IT IS SOME SERIOUS GROWN UP SHIT.

so. yeah. it is not easy. final year is not easy.

final year about to start in few days. zero excitements. here goes nothin'. to all my peeps who are experiencing the same deep shicst like me, good luck!