Friday, March 15, 2013

you're a b*itch

One thing that I've learnt lately is..
you will not realized that you are such a bitch until karma hits you in the nuts. well, figuratively.
however, not many people will realize that they are in karma action but instead they bitch about how they were the victim.. and "I hate my life" or "life is unfair"...bla bla bla..
I admit that I was one of them until someone told me that
"bila benda macam ni jadi kat kau, cuba fikir balik.. mana tahu, suatu mase dulu, kau pernah buat benda tu kat orang lain..."
so yeaahh.. the moment of clarity. I AM INDEED WAS A BITCH.

that is why, we need friend(s) to make us realize something that we cannot see for ourselves. Bila dah mintak pendapat or nasihat tu, maybe kita tak boleh digest apa yang kawan kita cuba nasihatkan sebab kita marah and yang kita tahu,  kita je yang betul. but at least, think about it for at least a nano second. probably your friend are right. we are not always right, you know. we're humans.

nah.. gambar aryan comot to help u get the sense of thinking. mih mih mih... 


..Zatil.. said...

bakpo pulok niss?

THEemyleeLIFE said...

masalah semasa remaja.. huhu