Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tengok balik gambar-gambar lama boleh menyebabkan penyesalan yang besar, kerinduan, sayu dan yes. you wish to be in that photo again.

Yup. That's what happened to me. As I see those old photos.. terlintas satu kelompok gambar. aku, kau, dan dia.

I guess, that was the last hangout ever that we ever enjoyed and had fun as bestfriends. Aku baju hitam. kau baju ungu. dia baju hijau.

Terpancar kat gambar-gambar situ. kita semua carefree. Happy sangat. Aku, kau n dia masing-masing suka ambik gambar and bergambar. We took photos almost every second in every place we go.

Oh how I wished I can have back what I used to have.

smile =)

I was browsing deviantart boringly then suddenly I found this amazing photo and I was inspired by it.
rasa mcm nak hasilkan sndiri gmba mcm tu

nah gmbar..

credit: shutter-shooter

by using tripod (kamera kene stabil kalau nak amek gmba gelap), slow shutter, torch light, and dark room.. voila!
*tak sama but.. it's something!!! :)

I existed in their dark ages. When they become a better person, they look down on me despite the fact that they are  the one on the dark side. I’m just there when no one else does.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

hello =)
If you are close to me, you will know me enough especially about my passion that involves anything vintage especially in photos.
i'm a sucker for this types of photography. u know, a vintage-90's-lana del rey's music video-type of photos.
ai kasik u contoh oke,

source: Tumblr

source: Tumblr

source: Tumblr

source: Tumblr

source: farfelus (check this link - semua gambar dlm ni are all like my type of photos)

pernah attempt byk kali sebenarnye nak buat gambar ni. it's not just about photography but it also about photoshop.
why I like this kind? usually gamba2 mcm ni bring out serenity, sejuk-ness and calmness to me. i'm not sure about u guys. hehe.

so here's my attempts.

this is my first attempt. kamera handphone SE 8MP.
yang ini, captured by muse rosli, edited by me. camera nikon d3100.

 ada sikit nampak rupa vintage tapi belum mencapai satisfaction. grrr~