Thursday, December 13, 2012

one of my dream had been 'checked' in my check list of dreams thus, begins another level of my passion that is photography.

it begins with the level of  'you love photography but u suck at Photoshop'

then 'you begin to sorta good at Photoshop but u had a crappy camera'

now i'm on the level of 'you got a great camera, a sorta good at photoshop, but a noob in high techie-techie camera'

so my status is still a beginner.

However, I gotta sorta lazy with the photoshop now. Tee-hee :P

so-called masterpieces. for now.

So I had to work it slowly from bottom. It's fine to suck at first. Everybody sucks at their firsts. It's like the quote from 'Adventure Time With Finn and Jake'


till then,
toodles! =)