Saturday, June 25, 2011

my couple idol.

been thinking to do this pointless entri for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time tp baru harini terdetik nak buat.
who is the couple yg korang wish dorang adalah korang?lol.ayatnye memelikkan.kompem cikgu kamsiah kasik ak D. *cikgu kamsiah tu cikgu BM kesayangan masa form 2 trough 3.*

ade kate favorite kapel dorang romeo and juliet.
LOL at last one of them commited suicide.OK no judgement! :P

ade kate parent dorang
aww.that's sweet.

ade kate kakak n abg ipar aku.
HAHA.maybe because they've been in love since secondary school and get married and live happily.

ada yang cakap adam dan hawa
good for them

well me..?
my couple idol is Marshall Ericksen and Lily Aldrin.


ya i know..i know.. they're not real tp they can be a good example tho.

why I adore them?here's why:

other than their long realtionship, setia, sweet, corny,dorang sngt unik.

They are co-dependent.

apepeje msti nak buat sama2 or kala yg sorg tu sakit yg sorg lagi msti saket. mmg sgt corny tp sweer gila.

lily: why does my stomach hurt?
marshall: I'm sorry, baby, I ate a bunch of ice cream earlier today.

They pause fights

bile masa dorg gado, dorg akan pause bile2 dorg nak contohnye kalau lepak2 nan geng yg len kt bar, dorg akn pause and unpause balik mase dorg berduaan je.

night-night song video when they are apart.

yg ni paling sweet..disebabkan dorg terlalu codependent, member2 dorg suroh dorg tidur berasingan a week kot b4 their marshall akan record night2 song utk lily.haha

sweet calling name: marshmallow and lilly pad

they can talk telepathically

byk lagi tp yg ni je ingat.haha.If you follow how I met your mother, for sure you understand why I love this couple.

mmg macam agak impossible kot na dapat couple mcm ni but hey, it's not wrong to dream aiyte?
ugh! I hate when I feel hungry and bad mood at the same time.
just annoying!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

inspirasi nombo dua.

mood berblogging suda maliii!!.

past few days, bergayut dgn member thru phone. well, saya sebagai kaunselor dia, of course la it's all about me encouraging her and me giving her all the positivity. Tapi hari tu dye sempat kasik saya inspirasi atau semangat.

she said:
"...kita kene embrace ape yang kita ada supaya org lain akan nampak kita happy so secara tidak langsung kita pun rasa happy. kalau kita asyik merungut and tahu tunjuk kekurangan, org akan bg simpati dan lame2 kita rasa hidup kita sgt pathetic sbb bergantung pada simpati org..."

lebih kurang mcm tu la ayat dia.

so, if you found yourself in stress, don't go around tell everyone about it. Find one of your friend.Anyone.Make him or her as your shrink. As an example, I am the shrink of my friend that I am talking about here.Me myself have a shrink or maybe two or three.LOL. What? I have such amazing friends, sue me.HAHA.

and hey you, my friend,I know right now you are facing a lot of trouble but I hope you still can live your life with full of hopes because there are always rainbows after rain. I am always here to give you moral support.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

tak nak kasik nama kat entri ni


awww.....I love you Katy Beth Terry or KATY PERRY..LOL (loads of love).

p/s:ekceli dye cakap "I hope one day he'll see something special in me"...
tp dsbbkn layout blog ni kecik, x nmpk penuh pulak gmba ni.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new banner.

see those banner ^^^?
yeah...yg ade 'is empty' tu..
I promised mus utk give credit even dye x mntak pon so yeah..this photo is shooted by my coursemate mus rosli using a something fancy model of nikon dslr so yeah it pretty fetch! :D ni gmbar masa fieldtrip kt genting.
edited by me that's why it is kinda ruined..LOL

"x kisah ko na wat pe pun nan gmba2 tu.kan gmba kite bersama.."

cewaahh.respek kt kau mus sbb I am pretty sure ramai yg ade dslr is kinda hesitate bile org mntak gmba dr dslr mereka kecuali yg memintak tu si hottie.LOL. well, it's an over-priced camera so...yeah.

thanks again mus. :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

expect the unexpected.

just about for me to keeping my hair until 21.12.2012, i cancelled it.. who knows i'll get it cut tomorrow. n u know what, the next day i cut my hair. and that was today.after 2 years of keeping it.
we never know what God had plan for us. expect the unexpected.

Friday, June 3, 2011

wisdom teeth ackkkk!!

okay mmg xde kerja so saya nak convert drp xde kije kpd ade kije dgn mmberitahu satu info yg sgt informatif.* mmg la infomatif.
so lot of my frens still don't get why do I have a dental surgery 2 weeks ago. Me myself don't really get it at first but then after few google researh i made i found some info that completely vanish all my confusion all this time!haha

oke korg penah x dgr wosdom teeth..? saye mmg pena dgr before ni tp cm x curious la pulak
nak tahu ape tu wisdom teeth.but then kena batang idung sndiri baru la nak tahu.

nah gmbar!

so basically ade 4 gigi wisdom but for certain ppl dye x tumbuh langsung. correct me if i'm wrong sbb da x igt lman web mne yg buat statement tu. it is called wisdom sbb gigi tu tumbuh mase kite dewasa or at a time of life where we reach at 'age of wisdom'.haha. it usually appear between umur 17 - 25.

gigi ni ekceli sesetgh org x yah wat removal pun kalau gigi ni tumbuh elok pada landasan dia but mostly gigi ni akn tumbuh lari dr pada landasan dye or we call it misaligned.

when gigi ni misaligned it means dia tumbuh senget maka terjadi lah koko kruch!oke that was ridikulus. kala gigi tumbuh senget, gigi ni akn himpit gigi sebelah dye n boleh mnyebbkan kerosakan gigi sbelah tu, jawbone or even the nerves!ini sirius black!

kalaw senget, ia akan create ruang and traps down food yg kite makan n lama2 ley jadi bacteria. bile infected,bole mnyebbkn pain, swelling, jaw stiffness and general illness..
slain tu ley gak mnyebbkan tooth decay n gum diseases.

from my experience, mlm2 adalah waktu puncak rasa saket n menurut my dentist, waktu mlm adalah waktu aktif utk bakteria melakukan aktiviti harian mereka.haha.
so at this point u have to surgically remove the tooth.

kalau kat lua negara, dorg akan kasik anasthesia kasik dorg x sedarkan bile dorg da wake up dorg akan nmpk cam drunkie n agak funny.tgk vid bwh sbg contoh.haha. as for me, i just got bius so i can hear, smell and taste everything that is going on there. yea pretty gruesome.just i can't feel pain.

so guys if u think u have a crooked wisdom teeth u better see ur dentist and have it check. you guys probably have to surgically remove them.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

pernah tak?

pernah tak korang rasa macam
tersangat kecil hati tentang sesuatu..
but then,
korang perasan yg korang xde hak pun nak rasa mcm tu?
what does that make you feel? *dgn gaya seorg kaunselo
r yg prihatin.* :P

gmba cmbaguih tuk mnggambar kan feeling ai. sobsobsss.