Sunday, May 22, 2011

day ten : 10 final words reaches the end of this quiz..soalan ni cm susa.sbb tataw final word utk just goreng jela ea.

  1. if u wanna be a loyal friend, accept them for who they are.
  2. if you wanna be my boyfriend, u don't have to agree all about my perspective but you have to respect.
  3. when u are ready to share everything with me, automatically u r my bff
  4. expect the unexpected
  5. when d doors is closes d other is always open so don't giv up
  6. eventhough u r 'born this way', sometimes to change that for something a little bit more better version of u is not wrong.
  7. jgn memilih kawan berdasarkan status, popularity, dan ke-hot-ness.pilih kawan berdasarkan persamaan jiwa ke ayat tu?u'll get wat i mean.hihi
  8. don't easily judge people.
  9. never mengutamakan boifren drp kawan. or omputeh cakap 'bros before hoes'.. mengutamakan suami drp kawan baru lah betul ye.
  10. terus terang if rasa xpuas hati.jgn biar seseorg tu tertanya2 n terpinga2 and end up korang x bercakap staun!haaha.
okay soalan ni susa..sbb nak cari ayat random.ahah..but it is done oredy.babai. :D

Saturday, May 21, 2011

day nine : 10 ways to win my heart

i must first say that it's good enuff to have someone that loves me and i am still a nobody to demand how my lover gonna be because it is all in Allah's hand. but..yeah!

day nine : 10 ways to win my heart

slain baek, baek nan parent, baek nan Allah...

  1. accept me for who i am. He don't have to agree with everything but he have to respect.
  2. knows how to make me feel comfortable
  3. he is how he is when he try to win my heart and stay like that forever.snang citer, DON'T CHANGE.
  4. He able to make me feel like i'm the heroin of the corniest romantic chick flicks ever and he is the hero.
  5. i didn't get a lot of people that understand me 100%. He have to be the one.
  6. protective.
  7. not a jealous type
  8. boleh memimpin
  9. availability of a shoulder to cry on
  10. graduan ijazah wanita.HAHA.

Friday, May 20, 2011

day eight : 10 of my favourite songs

my favorite question!akhirnya...haha..

day eight : 10 of my favourite songs


  1. a day to remember - if it means a lot to you
  2. pierce the veil - caraphernelia
  3. one ok rock - liar liar
  4. both adele or gwyneth paltrow - turning tables
  5. christina perri - jar of hearts
  6. adele - rolling in deep
  7. lady antebellum - need you now
  8. glee cast - don't you want me
  9. taylor swift - back to december
  10. kesha - dancing with tears
and it usually changes in time. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


i went youtube just now and get very touched by this song.actually not the song tp this one comment of d video.the song is rap and i'm not really into rap tp bile dgr smp habis not bad lah.

then there this comment that really touched me.something that can pretty much relate to me.

figura hasil emisuhana.

i just realize, i have jiber-jaber a lot pasal how much i love taking photos and edit them but i never really post them (not all of them) to show at anyone so memikirkan my blog is usually visited by my close friends, x salah kot na share kt sini.

oh n btw, i'm not gonna call myself a photographer because somehow i didn't really like it sbb sounds stereotypes.*dgn mulot jebik cm baby mkn lemon.

my kind of photo is usually what tumblr ppl call 'hippy photography' sbb they look vintage-ish and sometime they have a little corny or catchy caption on the photo.contoh:



tp kadang2 saye x suke tmbah caption sbb sometimes it looks weird or can ruin the photo lets call it emiphotography!haha.

WARNING:kala korg nak baca further korg kene prepare keburukan and ke-mentah-an photos yg saya hasilkan ini.cewah ayat skema derr...

maybe pada korg, korg rasa gmba ni x tula..success begin with mistakes and also we must accept differences.diff ppl diff perspective aiyte?

and please note that these photos are not taken by a dslr so it looks pretty unperfect sbb i'm a lil bit off budget nak beli satu.nak tunggu dekan 3 kali pun cm impossible.nak tunggu gaji pun mcm impossible gak.pathethic nye la saya.haha.


one of my favorite.

one of my favorite too.

LOL sorry zatil. :P

me likey likey dis one too.

sorry again.LOL. :P

there u go. mstilah x semua my collection ada kat sini.kalau letak semua kompem berbesen2 dah korang muntah.haha..
any relevant critics, u can comment it tp toksah la anda komen yg ada kena mngena nan dslr sbb i dont own any and i still don't understand any technics nak guna wut?i know ryte...pathetic.haha.

haahaa..oke yg nak cakap ni mmg x de kene ngene nan topik..well ade la sikit.
masa jalan2 nan my sis kt ec mall, nampak sorg gurl gantung dslr kt leher.

me: tgk tu..dslr...perghhhh....
sister:*giggles* kalau budak suka amek2 gmba ni msti rambut dye messy2.. *sambil pandang ak semacam*

mksud dye, budak2 trend skarang kan yg free hair suke style indie and have pretty messy hair yg mcm budak bru bgun tido yet if that budak is cute, the hair still looks good on her. and most budak indie suka dslr. *not sure kalaw dorg suke amek gmba x.LOL.

eventho i'm not free hair, my hair still look pretty damn messy kt rumah.

cis..ko nak ckp rmbut ak serabot yer?demm yu. =.='

day seven : 10 important people

day seven : 10 important people

  1. keluarga
  2. keluarga
  3. keluarga
  4. keluarga
  5. keluarga
  6. sahabat
  7. sahabat
  8. sahabat
  9. sahabat
  10. sahabat's true.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

dream house.not really.

im pretty sure everyone ever heard game the sims. i've been spending sem break sbulan aritu building my own home.yeah!saya jdi miley cyrus dlm game tu and i build the home for miss miley cyrus mngikut sesuke hati..rumah yg saya bina tu tetibe menimbulkan sedikit iri hati.demm..kalau lah ak boleh tinggal dlm rumah tu...xyah kua rumah pun xpe der!haha..btw, mmg the sims yg saye maen versi basic punye.yg pertama punye.ala....xkesa la..janji ade.huahua. *padahal komputer x mncukupi keperluan game tu.dasar komputer x canggih.haha

nah.gmba.some ppl might think rumah ni x saya...cantik!haha

overall view


*click to enlarge.

day six : 10 items I can’t live without

day six : 10 items I can’t live without

slain nyawa,tulang blakang, darah, organ, cells, tissues,Tuhan, oxygen, kencing, berak... 10 items I can’t live without is...

  1. laptop.i got everything in there, memories, entertaintment, news..
  2. handphone. last hope of producing pretty photos.haha
  3. family
  4. Best friends
  5. music. *no judgement plis on here. hehe
  6. internet!
  7. comedy either in movies, sitcom or even real life
  8. pakwe....oh wait..ak ade pkwe ke? :/
  9. duit mmg itu lah antara kperluan utk survive kt dunia.hehe

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

day five : 1o wishes

day five : 1o wishes

  1. dslr
  2. kurus!
  3. cinta sejati.HAHA
  4. kaya
  5. unlimited internet streaming.LOL
  6. success
  7. kucing yg comel2.
  8. uh oh!study abroad!
  9. melancong di luar negara
  10. die peacefully when the right time comes. ^^

Monday, May 16, 2011

day four : 10 things I want to say to one person

ohh look!it's day four eddy..haha
i must say dis is the second hard question.the first is the 'about me' question.haha..

day four : 10 things I want to say to one person

  1. ko da byk berubah,ak rindu ko yang dlu2.
  2. kalau dlu ak rase ko annoying, now, you are just a plain bitch.
  3. kite penah sms n kekadang ko kol ak and ak kol ko.sekarang?
  4. seriously ak macam dah x kenal ko
  5. ak sangat2 terasa nan kau n seperti biase ak x pndai luahkan
  6. ak x sure if ko malu ke ade kawan mcm ak.
  7. you are one complicated piece of human i ever known
  8. ak salu terasa nan every word dat come out from u but hey whatever, you are my bestfren and i accept u for who u are
  9. ak rindu ko
  10. but sure u are my fren when sad and happy.thank you but u changed a lot now and u are like a stranger to me and i can hardly accepting that. :(

Sunday, May 15, 2011

day three : 10 things I hate

before saye start saye nak bg taw yg hari ni saya kene deal 3 types of pain.
  • minor dental surgery which is i should say sgt nervous and agak gruesome.haha
  • result final exam.not great tp syukur la..
  • kesakitan x terhingga effect surgery..whoaa..skit.xmkn ape lg.huhu

now, lets start!

10 things I hate.

  1. i hate rap.
  2. ppl that is really easy to jump into d conclussion without experiencing it themselves.
  3. feeling nervous
  4. perfected plan yg x jadi.
  5. i have to study but i somehow become very sumbakkk.haha
  6. when i love something that i sucks at. and i look hideous in something that i adore. well it happened most of time!haiz.
  7. competition
  8. ppl that have to be negative in everything.
  9. smokers
  10. org yg ckp x penah guna otak kecuali org yg x siuman.hehe.
there!i said maybe ade lg.just x igt je dlm keadaan yg sakit cmni,huhu...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

day two : 10 things I love

  1. i love pretty photos, photography n photoshop.
  2. i love FOODS!
  3. i love rainy days.
  4. i love vintage.
  5. i love the big bang theory and glee
  6. i love katy perry and emma stone.
  7. tumblr and facebook are my current favorite social network.
  8. i love mysterious guy.LOL.seriously.
  9. hang out with besties are my favorite activity that currently so hard to experience. :/
  10. i love pink and turquoise.

there u go!1o things i love.there's might be something that i love more than these 10 things but it just not at my mind right now.LOL.

10 hari 10 fakta satu hari.

okay firstly i saw dis on tumblr..still x tergoda nak buat.then saw this kat blog amni.tetibe rasa nak buat pulak..eventho blog ni x ramai followers n x ramai yg nak sekodeng, it's a fun thing to do i guess. might have kill some of my bored time!
okay bwh ni list ape 10 things yg saya kene bg tahu stiap hari kt blog. it takes 10 days.starting today. 14th mei 2011 and will end 24th mei 2011 insyaallah. who is interested taking dis task or just bored n got nothing to do like me, free to do so. :)

day one : 10 things about me
day two : 10 things I love
day three : 10 things I hate
day four : 10 things I want to say to one person
day five : 1o wishes
day six : 10 items I can’t live without
day seven : 10 important people
day eight : 10 of my favourite songs
day nine : 10 ways to win my heart
day ten : 10 final words


10 things about me.

  1. when i'm ALONE, i sleep with tv is on. if no tv, my laptop with big bang theory is on. i can only sleep with the fact that i'm not alone.HAHA.pedo.
  2. I'm the youngest and I don't think I'm a spoiled child.
  3. i will say something looks preety if it will look preety in a photo
  4. i hate toilets tho i need it!LOL
  5. i can be spontaneous sometimes.
  6. 2004 to 2008 is the best years of my life. i learnt a lot during those years.
  7. easily pissed off of something but easily to cool off.
  8. i used to online 24 hours straight and i used to never shut down my computer for two weeks straight.that computer is a strong old chap of mine!LOL.
  9. I feel desperately need to become preety and walk in preety shoes n clothes sometimes but then i continually grabbing food into my mouth! food - such a guilt pleasure.
  10. according to my bestfriend, saya seorg yg setia.well, we'll see bout that!HAHA

Friday, May 13, 2011


bella:cita-cita saya nak kawin dgn tan sri, cikgu.
cikgu:itu bukan cita-cita, bella. kalau x dapat kawin dgn tan sri mcm mana kamu nk cari makan?
bella:kalau x dpt tan sri..datuk pun xpe.

-pisau cukur (movie)

haha.teringat pulak cite tu..oke2.let's get to d point. reaching an age of 20 made me thinking about changing my ambition.about what i wanna do with life.about carpe diem. about what would make me happy. yet it's all kinda too late or impossible.
you know what i wanna be?
working in a pet store or animal rescue center maybe. both are great for me! somehow pets seems to able to give us some kind of power or remedy to serenity.ceeewah! in fact everytime nk exam or when i'm in stress i've always looking up for my 'hostel' cat, abu or ibu..rubbing their fur can be therapeutic!
but no.......
you know what else i wanna be?
a photographer!sounds cliche. once in a life a wanna make money frm something dat i'll enjoy.something that will make me a workaholic because i love it.something that i'm not regretting wasting my time for.
but no..... hah!dslr pun xde, what a joke!aiyte?
you know what else i wanna be?
working in a zoo.but i believe we need some achievement academically related to this field?correct me if i'm wrong.
but no...
know what else impposible?
working overseas..have a small cake shop with cute cakes,cookies,coffee,milk..why must overseas?i donno. i just saw that in my mind and it's beautiful..
but no...

it's not that i'm not grateful for what i achieved today it just i always being stress and maybe i'm bored or tired. i don't know fo sho but...hmm...
as long as i'm aware, my life is in Allah's hand and He knows what's good and what's bad for me.let Him decide. It might inconvenience right now but i'm sure in times it'll get better.
but i'll try one or more of my impossible ambition as part time job during sem break.maybe.


Saturday, May 7, 2011


disebabkan entri ni ade byk cerita, so title utk entri kali ini adalah tarikh kejadian.cewaaah!!

hari ni beday mak sy n kebetulan juga hari ibu. tp she's now in kelantan.

dalam pukul 12 tgh hari, me, my sis n her husband bertolak from bangi to kuantan n smpai pukul 3.30ptg. pukul 4 pergi klinik gigi nak cabut gigi! according to previous dentist, dye cakap gigi hujung sy x tumbuh secara keseluruhan so kena kasik cabot. This tyme i went to my sister's dentist. but then she said gigi saya ekceli tumbuh senget so the other side of gigi yg senget tu mcm menolak gigi kt sbelah dia so it really does hurt when i try to chew using that side of gigi.
bhgian gigi yg tenggelam tu creates a cavity which traps down the foods and then can produce bacterias and it had infected. at night, bacteria reaches it activity at the highest hence explains the pain that i had every night. solution, minor surgery! my sis ckp bunyi je cm gempak xde ape2 pun. so harap2 xde ape2 la nanti.dah buat appointment on this 16th.

afterwards pergi jalan2 kt ecm. best woh..dah lame x rase shopping tanpa guna duit sendiri. thankiew emi rahayu!

Monday, May 2, 2011

this is a resentment

it is true when once quoted

"a person usually have their huge breakdown on a small matter not because of just on that matter but they have build and grow the anger deep inside their heart from the past experience until its explode at the wrong time hence people seems to judge them to be too emotional."

that's exactly what I am experiencing right now.

there isn't enough chamomile tea in the world to quell the rage in my heart
there isn't enough The Big Bang Theory's episode in the world to vanish the anger of my heart
there isn't enough scented candles in the world to calm my feeling that seems to be hurt badly

you!I hope you realize how jerk you are. Please change for sake of people in this world that the possibility of their acceptance to be your company is very diminutive.
I know how people these days and their ego attitude of
"i don't give a fuck of what ppl will think" and "hey, this is my freaking life. i'll do whatever the fuck i want!"
well you shouldn't cause it annoys the hell out of me.

this is an angry post. angry teenage with a blog so excuse my french here.
I know I might regret posting this but it'll help me to calm a little bit.