Monday, May 31, 2010


Last friday,me,izzah,liz,suza,and tipah reuiniting after da lame x jumpe (kcuali izzah n tipah)..
memang best la..pukul 9 am tipah amek kami nan keter then first venue, TC! igt nak men ramai gila org mase we just lepak2 n borak2 kat situ n we had breakfast at KFC sbb mc'd too many ppl!next venue,ECM.bli tiket wayang Prince of Persia.lepak kat food court smbil tgk mamat ensem!haha.lepas tgk wayang,kteorg lepak mega evening,kami pun n izzah sleepover at tipah's sbb parent dye xde kt uma.malam,teman tipah pergi majlis ulang tahun kawin makcik dye which sepupunye adalh sepupu aizat,haha..what a small world.after tgk sepupu tipah yg juga merupakan sepupu aizat, i made a conclussion bahawa tipah + aizat same dengan sepupu tipah sbb warne kulit yg sgt mat saleh itu dari tipah n badan yg montel itu dari aizat!haha.adeke.lepas tunggu tipah tapau sume makanan yg ade kt situ,kami pun balik,im super exausted so i go to sleep right away!tommorownye, tlg tipah tulis 'selamat hari guru..penghargaan dri ajp n pibg al-irsyad' kat 50 bijik cawan tok skolah adek n izzah balik uma kol 5 sis treat us kt secret recipe sbb nk celeb belated bday ma.esok nye,izah pun balik subang tmpat dye blaja..yeah,nice weekend! xDD

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chiquitita for Aina xDD

oke.before i go to bed,i would like to dedi this song for my bestfren.aina.she's having lots of hardship in life and and her loyal hater can't stop makin aina's life 'wonderful' than ever! (if i got u,im sure gonna reach down ur throat,rip out ur lungs and make it as a dinner for ur parent!maybe not!lol)i hope u strong dear.this song is for u eventho its old!the song is Chiquitita by used to be my childhood fav song when my abah used to play this song in our car mase nk balik kampung o jalan2.i hope u'll find the meaning inside of this lyrics!be strong dear!btw,chiquitita is manusia and 'my' chiquitita is aina. xD

Chiquitita, tell me what's wrong
You're enchained by your own sorrow

In your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow

How I hate to see you like this
There is no way you can deny it
I can see that you're oh so sad, so quiet
Chiquitita, tell me the truth

I'm a shoulder you can cry on

Your best friend, I'm the one you must rely on
You were always sure of yourself
Now I see you've broken a feather
I hope we can patch it up together
Chiquitita, you and I know
How the heartaches come and they go and the scars they're leaving

You'll be dancing once again and the pain will end

You will have no time for grieving
Chiquitita, you and I cry

But the sun is still in the sky and shining above you

Let me hear you sing once more like you did before
Sing a new song, chiquitita
Try once more like you did before
Sing a new song, chiquitita
So the walls came tumbling down
And your love's a blown out candle
All is gone and it seems too hard to handle
Chiquitita, tell me the truth
There is no way you can deny it I see that you're oh so sad, so quiet
Chiquitita, you and I know

How the heartaches come and they go and the scars they're leaving

You'll be dancing once again and the pain will end

You will have no time for grieving

Chiquitita, you and I cry

But the sun is still in the sky and shining above you

Let me hear you sing once more like you did before
Sing a new song, chiquitita

Try once more like you did before
Sing a new song, chiquitita

Try once more like you did before Sing a new song, chiquitita

Saturday, May 22, 2010

post copycat xDD

Saya bosan so saya pun curi post bella yg betajuk 'tujuh nombo kegemaran xD'.harap bella x kesah!hehe.


  1. emi
  2. suhana
  3. nina/ina
  4. senah(fom 1 smpai 3.damn u aiman!uh.)
  5. adik (when i was younger)
  6. suzana(atok sdare natalia.weird but i like it!haha)
  7. emma(very rare.sbb cegu salah pngil punye pasal)
  1. January 20th
  2. January 7th
  3. January 21st
  4. May 7th
  5. June 2nd
  6. February 11th
  7. March 3rd
  1. youtube-ing
  2. update blog
  3. listening muse
  4. listening nevershoutnever
  5. fb-ing
  6. pacman-ing kt google search.(that was a bizzare!)
  7. sing along to a mockingbird song by chase coy
  1. meet my BFFs.
  2. Lepak taman with izzah n miey just like d old times
  4. movies
  5. wathinng ShaneDawsonTV!
  6. notifications on fb!
  7. DSLR or iPhone if possible!
  1. mat noor hussin!(for several years now)
  2. natalia
  3. emi rahayu
  4. izzah
  5. clone owl city (doubting who knows)
  6. aina
  7. bella
  1. nikon DSLR
  2. iPhone
  3. vaio lappy
  4. portable hard disk
  5. meow meow!(but no cat can replace my beloved LEO!miss u bitch!)
  6. money.LOTs of money.
  7. new boifren!LOL.kidding. =.=
  1. fb.
  2. internet.
  3. listen d music n karoke to d song.
  4. movies
  5. gaming.
  6. lepakking.
  7. photoshop n photography n not pornography. xDD
  1. greece.
  2. romania
  3. gunung kinabalu sabah
  4. anywhere in england
  5. japan
  6. tioman.
  7. katy perry's house!haha.
  1. root beer
  2. vanilla coke.
  3. pepsi twist
  4. strawberry miranda (in d movies only)
  5. yougurt drink
  6. chocolate.
  7. skyjuice(hypocrite me!haha..i hate skyjuice)
  1. money
  2. IC
  3. bank card
  4. movie tickets.
  5. hp.
  6. lip balm.
  7. just kidding~! xDD
  1. pink
  2. turqoise
  3. yellow
  4. purple
  5. lime green
  6. sky blue
  7. peach
  1. omma.
  2. oppa.
  3. my long lost dead cat LEO. :((
  4. sissy, emi rahayu
  5. BFFs
  6. christofer drew! .
  7. mak engkau!
  1. my boifren,computer acer yg dah dicurik oleh my sis
  2. lappy :D
  3. my cheap sony ericsson cellphone
  4. photos
  5. teddy bear abak kasik :D
  6. teddy bear makcek yong kasik
  7. money :D

dancing in d rains!

OHAI!suda lama x update bcos last week had been a hell of an emotional week for me.I cant remember when d last time i cried a lot like i did last week!yeah!i was in HELL!so i dont think that gonna helo much about updating my,im am in a more stable emotionally,boley la update.yeah.i guess everyone could have guess what make me so fucking down last week!RESULT!i know my result is just not much diff compare the last one but still it makes me feel like a loser.i always feel like that.i tot this result gonna change my perspective about myself but turns out to be opposite of it.i got so fuckin sensitive even at very little things all the time due to that event.i even cry if i got lose in a stupid games!LOL.well,dont worry,its been recovered since i had a friend, miey come over n stay for 2 made me forget bout my so-called fucked up life.since we both 'broke',we dont spend our time in town or mall.just lepakking at 'our' park where me,miey n izzah used to use that place as lepak,stress release and gossip centre!but this time it just me n miey.we got there like at 9 pm and sit on the swings for 5 mins n suddenly rain comes!i was like
"wat the fuckkk!we just got here!"
n she was like.
"im staying.lame da x men hujan,ak da start sangap nan ujan nih!"
haha.then we stayed there for 1 hours playing with the rains!she actually dancing in the middle of the road when the rains in was fun..we spend anotha days at taman,wathing..well,glee!haaha.playing was fun!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

a nightmare is just a nightmare. i finally got d chance 2 watch A Nightmare On Elm Street.My mom treat me. She asked y watch just a nightmare.nothing interesting.Actually Im very excited to watch dis movie at first is bcos well, i love a horror film and second, it reminds me of my late father.yeah.This movie is actually a remake from its original film made on im not sure..80's maybe.So my late father introduced this movie to me when i was 9 n it was actually d first horror film ive watched!Memule ragu2 nk tgk sbb takut gila then kne force nan dye.aha.we watched together n i finally made through to the end of the movie because of him.haha.Nostalgic?I know.but when i watched the new version of a nightmare on elm street,I think i love d vintage version more!bcos yg lme lbih byk horror scene!haha..yg ak tgk td tkejut je lbeyh!haha.Plus,jalan cerita dye kurang best la compare d old ones!Well,its my opinion tho.u dont have to depend on it.Oh and..speaking of TENGOK WAYANG, there some ANNOYING groups of ppl that i wish to kick em off the cinnema hall right away.

1. Jadi tukang cerita - OMG!wat for?!

2. Who can't stand horror film but still watch it - mulelah 'vibrate'kan satu row seats!

3.Henfon telalu kuno smp silent mode pun x available-common but still!

4. tukang maki - "bodo betina ni!" is one of em.kala x rated R xpe gak kala nk maki pun!

5.Babysitting - im not a kid hater in fact i love kids but,kala baby tu x nanges xpe la kot!

6.skank - get a deodorant!

oke maybe who read this will think like "byk cikadak ko,kala cerewet sgt buat cinema snirik laaa!".Well, i noe im a nobody to be mad but im a human.human got feeling.human gets angry all d time but at least im not violent!so,spe yg terase,im not pointing to anyone but who does that in d cinema,remember,ur not alone n ur actually sharing d entertainment with other public audiences.u need to learn some respect!not for me,but for everyone. (sounds so fucking corny.haha!) :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tribute for my Matricullation Buddies! xDD

Wah!I think dis is d first post ever dimana tulisannye BERWARNA!
Anyways,lets get to the point!My frens bella n aina both of them masing2 da buat tribute mereka thdp dak2 matrik lame dah..Jadi,saye pun nk buat gak!haha.SEBULAN da blalu,sebulan gak lak ak rindu mereka2 yg ada bersame kt matrik yg same2 bejuang utk belajar kat sne.Saye sgt appreciate jasa2 mereka yg sudi bantu dan juga mereka2 yg selalu berada di sisi utk kongsi mase susah n senang.BUDDIES yang ak xkn lupe smpai mati;

aina mardhiyah

We are meant to be roomates n since then we have been best friend!tenkiu for listening every of my probs n u made me dont wanna kill myself evrytime i looked at math questions!LOL.Love u syg n i hope u live happily walaupun awan gelap selalu melanda.Live ur life to d fullest n im always there 4 u! xD

Fatin Nabila

Die ni 'pendatang asing' masuk bilik kteorg!haha.Joken!since our old roomate lina, moved to maktab perguruan,she's d one replacing her.well,illegally!haha.But i could't thank her enough for fill our room with joy!n also thank for being so helpful roomate!seriously ko org yg pling UNSELFISH yg pena ak jupe dlm life ak n ak respek gila!teringat ko sggup delay tido ko sbb tlg ak wat mindmap kimia,tutor math.byk la lagi..hehe.tenkiuh seyh!miss u bella!

Peng Chee
rumet yg paling comel n GENIUS like fo serious!tenks for beri tunjuk ajar tanpe rase bosan..ull be my forever idol n fren!miss ya!


Bestfren n classmate koi!haha..Ramai ckp kami kembar n it just an unexplainable statement cos well,obviously she is very kiera knightley n im just a plain loser!haha.she just d opposite me.dye lembut,dye baik, cantek n pandai.Dye salu layan kerenah ak kala xde mood kt kelas n she never pissed off of my bad attitude!hehe..tengs ye.syg n rindu nk g kelas n bergossip nan ko tyme kelas2 dulu!

nik nazihah

my other bestfren n classmate n jiran n gossipseblokmate!haha.thenks for being my fren. tenks for always there to help me building my reputation,motivation n self esteem.tenks cos u never judge me.u ekceli like another form of my mom!haha.its a good thing tho.ko kuat bebel but its all bersebab n it just to make me a better person.Thank u n i appreciate it a lot!syg kamu rindu kamu! xD

siti haliza

she is one of my bestest selame kt matrik.Tp dye kt matrik smpai awal sem 2 sbb she had the guts to be in uitm instead of matrik.gud 4 u n im alway support u!tenks for always made my day by all ur crazy always fun stiap kali kte borak2!u always be d one who give d medicine for my homesick!haha..Tengkiu.u always like a sis to me!ak rindu gile nak bemanje nan ko!haha.syg ko!

oke thats about it!n yes,sy x de best boy fren kt sini.i noe it sucks but im not antisocial or sexist!haha.just not really having d chemistry between guys kt matrik.but they all fine.i mean my guy classmate.they ekceli preetty awe!hehe.CONCLUSSION disini.TERIMA KASIH kerana sudi jadi penyeri hidup sy kt matrik.My life would suck without u all!Peace out!~ xD

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Ghost Theories.

FYI..yes it is a pointless post.hee~
oke.wat makes me wanna post this kind of tajuk is sbb skang da pukol 3.35 dlm kol 3 am td,
nk g dapur wat air.The door of d kitchen is like half cover n half is just ade mcm agak open air la gak.hence d creepy feeling is kinda happen..sbb according to cite exorcism of emily rose, antu start active pkul 3 i SUPER freak out (oke maybe its a lil exaggerated!).Then teringat lak lam cite Let the Right One In, kala antu/vamp nk masuk ruma org,dye kne mintak izin.kala x,the head is like start to bleed and everything!haha..i noe it kinda crappy thing to believe,but trust me,it helps to motivate urself when u have d situation like mine!haha.SApe yg x pena tgk let the right one in, u shud give it a try..mcm twiligt but foreign version n vampire tu bdak gak la. xDD

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


wassup u guys!hari ini kite nk buat survey!ini adalah disebabkn permintaan ole kwn sy yg tgk bosan siak!haha..oke here's d surevey: nama display fb anda kt google image and paste gmba ptame yg dipapar kt bwh ni..dan kumen ape pndpt anda thdp gmba tu.DON'T CHEAT!GOD knows..haha

OMEGOSH!gmba kwn ak kot!haha.

2-with picture,ltak gmba crush anda(spe yg korg minat).I DARE U!haha.

EASY!isnt is obvious? xD

3. post gmba yg pling klaka penah anda jumpe.x tahu?GOOGLE la ngek!

4.ltak gmba anda yg pling anda suke.

SEKIAN.haruslah ditag kepade 3 org.
2. aina
3. .......

Monday, May 3, 2010


1. Thank & link the person that gave you the cow
arigato to bella kerena lembu yg sgt gemuk ini.i will make it useful mse hari rayer korban! xD

2. Bagi balik wasiat ni kat 7 bloggers yg paling active atau 7 paling tak active
mereka ialah
*aina mardhiyah

3. Bagi tau diorang ni yang diorang dapat wasiat dari orang kaya kg sepening lalat...
sesungguhnye kebau gemuk ni adalah wasiat org kaya spening
lalat..sbb byk sgt lalat harung lembu dye,dye pun kasik lembu gmuk ni kt ko..hargai lah dye..nk buat suami pun ak x kesah!really. xD
4. Cerita 3 perkara apa yg anda selalu buat sambil tgk tv
1) makannnnnnn
2)mate kt tv constantly
3) i dont remember watching tv lah!i watched lappy!lol

5. Bagitau 3 makanan pelik yg pernah anda makan
daging rusa,burung,tanah(mse kecik sbb ak igt tu kek coklat!haha)

6. Cuba bagitau berapa orang dah kawan anda kat FACEBOOK
plus minus 200 - 300..most of them i know.n some o them are crush!haha

7. Camner korang berjumpa spouse korang or pakwe or makwe...kat mana???
single bebeh!

*akhirnya saya suda menyiapkan wasiat yg diberikan kepada saya dengan usaha sye sdiri.haha :) soklan mencabar boleh cair otak neh haa.haha *Emi,ko nak tipu agakagak r ponn.haha :)

okie dokie!an award for me!yeay!ekceli i got dis award from 2 person,my dearest fren,aina n bell.thank guys!n i have to tag ths award but ekceli i don hav anybody to tag to! :(

TAGGED by aina mar'DIDI'.. xP

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own blog, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag five people including the person who tagged you. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real.. nothing made up! IF the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

What is your name:
emi suhana

A four letter word:!

A boys name:
eric bana..he's real...just seems impossible to meet!haha

A girl's name:
emi sis!

An occupation:
exotic dancer!SERIOUSLY..i wiki-ed it to find job thats starts with 'e'!

Something you'll wear:
earings!i mean..we wear it right??on ears... x)

A type of food:
empanada.i dunno wut de fuck is det but i SWEAR its a food!google it!heehe

Something found in the bathroom:
electricity?well...gotta have d lights on with ELECTRICITY is on!haha

A place:
East Coast Mall!yeah baybehhh

A reason for being late:
enak tidur! xD

Something u'd shout:
eiiii!is dat works?i hope!
Something you drink:
energy drinks

An animal:

A type of car:
EVO by mitsubishi

A type of fruit:

tag to: one! xD

akhirnya,saya dapat jugak menjawab soklansoklan ini yang lagi susah dari soklan exam kat kolej kott.haha.pening bole pecah kepala otak neh dok pk jawapan die.haha :) btw tengs r erkDidi coz tag.
p/s : sape yg nak tag bagitahu-lah.malas nak letak name sape.haha.*pemalas sungguh budak ini (!)

sory ma..i'll be home late coz im watching midnite TC!

hi all!
if not mistaken,its been like 2 months?3 months?i donno!
which i havent update this bloggy o mine. NOW, dah plus minus 3 weeks habis matriks which is like
removing a huge weight of stone out of my head!haha.since then,i have an awfully bosan day..i think ive gained weights due to excessive relaxing!haha.but last week is kinda exciting for me sbb subuh jumaat,me and my mama get a lil bit mommy n daughter's adventure by travelling all the way from kuantan to kelantan.Ma is d only one driving.Well, i've heard few of my fren called her an 'otai' driver!LOL.And me, tlg dye tgk signboard and i slept mse kt trengganu n totally not helping until my mom get lost in kuala terenganu!anyways, we made through to kelantan n i slept at mak ngah's from 11 am to 5pm!we returned kuantan on tue.then, on wed till sun my BFF izzah visited kuantan n we had a blast time together!also...hari jumaat is sorta used to be 'our' day back when we're in skola, izzah, and other BFF, miey is the regular customer of pasar malam!also joined,hasrul,fairuz aizat ablong n sometimes a great last friday 3 of us went there and we have to walk like 6 or 5 km so sgt penat n kteorg habiskn 4 ringgit bli 4 jenis air yg blainan!then 10pm,kuone,miey's bf pick us up to teluk chempedak.pakwe nye belanje kami mcd's and we ate kt tepi pntai..about 12 tgh mlm,ma anta msg yg bebunyi..

"embun jantan dah klua..bile nk pulang hah?"

then we made an excuse yg kteorg tgk midnite movie instead of hang out kt TC! then miey pun ckp..

"ak salu jd cover line tebaek kau!"

so tomorrownye, ma tnye movie ape kami tgk,i just said

"iron man!"

despite d lies,it was fun and exausting night.. n i have sands all over my bedroom floor!i told u to mandi dlu b4 masuk bilik aku,miey!urgh!well..watever i guess.haha!

well, ni bkn satu2nye gmba but ekceli ade 4 gmba sbb miey punye kamera out of battery..miey,len kali kala nk pkai kamera,ko charge kamera ko,1 month b4 oke!(thats me beein sarcastic!haha)