Monday, January 25, 2010

Post suka suki x)

hello ya'll. feelin awesome bcos i just successfully 'touched' AND completed the maths tutorial which i never done anything like dat b4.Plus i hate maths apatah lagi calculus.HAHA.
I know dat i am supposed to revise some vectors but endin up here.LOL.FYI, menurut ELYN budak bilik nombo 9, tinggal 2 months and 1 week lagi kt, CANT effing wait until dat day come tp mesti sdey sbb kne tinggalkn kwn2.I hope i dont have to repeat another damn year kt sini sbb sesungguhnya study cara org skema bukan cara aku and that makin me feel like im livin in a hell lah!so i have to put more effort on that.HOPEFULLY, i'll succeed!haha.thats all je kot yg nk citer.. xtually im more into updating this blog thingy b4 it become 'rusty'.LOL.peace out! xD